Team 91 Carolina Boys 2026: On the Clock!

91 Carolina Boys 2026: The countdown to 9/1!

Battle Tested - Always ready to compete

"The Team 91 Carolina 2026s are full of guys with big game experience, they've been making these trips up to Maryland, PA, and NJ for many years now and not only know the level of competition they are going up against, but can compete with anyone. I think this group has a real unique combination of athletic ability, skill, but also guys that have high IQ and understand their game and role within the team. The offense has several pieces that can play out of the box or down low on attack, they can invert or get downhill and that allows the coaches to play to their matchup strengths based on what their opponent is doing. On defense, the rope unit is strong, and the poles are all rangy with the ability to take the ball away and carry out of their end. The goalies are both strong in ball stoppers, and command the clear. At the X York is physical, while also being technical and gets better as the day goes, wearing down opponents, and the wing play has continued to improve creating extra possessions. The team has few gaps and when they are on, play lacrosse the way it is meant to be played and that is one of the best compliments a club director can give a team, as that isn't always the case in our world."   

-Nick Holota, Director Team 91 Carolina

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Overview of the 91 Carolina Class of 2026

  • Jaxon Bader, #4, SSDM - The super athletic DM always makes an impact on the defensive side of the ball. Has the ability to win his matchup but experienced in his off ball responsibilities. Comes off wings and creates in transition with a plenty capable stick to find the open man or finish if hands are free.


  • Jonathan Barbee, #3, Defense/LSM - Surgical with his checks, fast feet, and strong off the deck. Can play down low or at LSM as needed as he is extremely fast and that shows in transition or off the wings. Knack for making big plays at the right time.


  • Brayden Burnette, #99, Defense - Great length, with high upside as a very reliable mistake-free on ball defender, and continues to get better every season. Does a great job containing his matchup and finds his spots to be aggressive.


  • Cody Cartwright, #18, Goalie - Very fundamentally sound goalie who has few holes in his game, with a good combination of size and athletic ability leaving little net to shoot for. Accurate in the transition game and throwing the deep ball.


  • Sam Clodfelter, #33, Attack - Loves to operate at X where his power and speed is on display, he can turn the corner or draw and dump. Big time football player also has great hands on the inside, and will come out of the box as well creating matchup problems if not poled. Always finds his opportunities. 


  • Jay Cohn, #9, Attack - The lefty is crafty, tough, and always presents problems for defenses. Very high IQ, finishes around the pipes, can fire it from the outside, and make teams pay on the slide. Runs out of the box as well where he can play from above the cage or invert. 


  • Tyler Comstock, #16, Goalie - Extremely fast hands and explodes out well to the ball, hard to beat and when he is on and seeing the ball can take over a game. Calm in the clearing game and can create transition offense finding the open man when the mids get to space quickly. 


  • Hudson Curlee, #80, Midfield - Athletic ability that pops quickly when he takes the field, the two-way midfielder is extremely potent between the boxes. On defense he is plenty capable and on offense shows a good shot on the run down the alley.


  • JT Denney, #25, Defense/LSM - Length to cover space off ball, while being very physical on ball. Can play close and LSM, has strong footwork for both and handles the ball well in the transition game. Very complete defender, with standout size.


  • Roland DeRonja, #17, SSDM - Maybe not the biggest guy on the field but he sure plays like it, toughness and compete level through the roof. Good speed allows contribution in the clearing game, and off the wings. Can tell he loves the game when on the field.


  • Zac Garcia, #23, Attack - A terrific finisher with either hand, the first trait that pops is that he has great mitts, always working well off ball. Carries it extremely well too, getting under his defender to create leverage and can feed or finish. High IQ player.


  • Evan Hatefi, #45, Attack/Midfield - Always knows where to be on the field, high IQ on the offensive end whether it is on attack or coming out of the box as an offensive midfielder. Does a little bit of everything well, can feed, finish inside or fire from range.


  • Robbie Jonske, #2, SSDM - A big piece of the strong rope unit, and off the wings in the FO game, plays tough and physical on ball defense. No shortage of speed in the clearing game and can leg it out of the back end when needed. High motor guy.


  • Logan Kiser, #88, Defense/LSM - Two sport athlete at a very strong football program, at 6'4 looks every bit the part of a multi-sport athlete on the field. Very physical on ball, has no issue pushing attackman around or taking on a physical midfielder. Stick is more than capable in the transition game. 


  • Sebastian McWilson, #22, Attack/Midfield - Super fast first step that allows him to free his hands to feed or finish from X or wings. Does a great job setting up his dodge and attacking with his defender bites. No issue finishing or feeding if they send one.


  • Ciaran Murphy, #10, Defense - The lefty pole is a long, physical presence and gives attackmen fits with his length and strong footwork, in combination with the lefty takeaway action. Confident pushing the ball out and leading the break if given a chance. 


  • Travis Pomilio, #5, Attack/Midfield - The lefty is good for a highlight worthy goal a weekend, loves the box game and it shows in his play. Can be the more traditional lefty attackman, or come out of the box and invert on the SS and turn the corner. Slick finisher and good off ball. 


  • Will Schwartz, #13, Defense - Strong handle, and high IQ defender. Physical on ball, but also very good off ball when it comes to playing the backside, and in proper lanes/responsibilties. Sneaky length, with probably a few more inches to go. 


  • Reed Stack, #21, Attack/Midfield - Will play down on attack or come out of the box and invert, has good hands and strong ability in the 2-man game. Coming from Upstate his box background is evident as he works well in tight space, but plays tough inside and works well in the pairs look.


  • Barrett Swinson, #1, Midfield - A two-way midfielder who is extremely effective in open space, with shake to free his hands. No issue if staying on the defensive end, giving him the opportunity to get out and run in the transition game where he is at his best. Strong all around mid.


  • Elliott Ward, #8, Midfield - Down the ally matchup problem looks the part, has terrific size and speed and can fire it on the run with both hands allowing him to take what the defense gives. Strong range on the through ball as well, he can fire it if his hands are free.


  • Aedan York, #60, FO/M - Strong and skilled, extremely high praise from the FOA coaches, he can go up against the best. With a non-stop motor, not only has all the technical tools but gets stronger as the game progresses and his opponents wear down. Clean stick makes it tough to pressure off the win.