Team 91 Carolina Coaching Staff

Team 91 Carolina prides itself on having dedicated and passionate coaches working with our boys and girls teams. Team 91 is always utilizing the latest training techniques to ensure our players are developing their game quickly to achieve their individual goals on and off the field.


What sets Team 91 Carolina and our coaches apart?

  • Passionate and dedicated to their teams. Our coaches commit to a full year of development with their teams allowing players to build a report with their coach, gain quality feedback throughout the year, and avoid a constant revolving door of instruction.
  • Years of coaching and playing experience. Team 91 coaching staff includes college coaches, high school coaches, and college players. We carefully vet all our coaches to ensure they have the knowledge needed to produce results on the field.
  • Network of coaching support within the program and from other regions. Because Team 91 has several club teams throughout the country we are able to pull from other regions and ensure that we are staying up with all the trends of the club lacrosse world. Team 91 Carolina coaches work as a team and support each other as well, sharing drills, plays, and team concepts.