Polar Express Lacrosse League

Winter 2022 Season

Sundays, January 9th-February 13th

Location: Morrisville Elementary School

Elementary School Division: Game Times - 11AM & 11:55AM

Middle School Division: Game Times - 12:50PM & 1:45PM

High School Division: Game Times - 2:40PM & 3:45PM

Full-Time Goalies Play Free - Email CW@team91lacrosse.com for Goalie Code

League Status - Information:


  • Each week players should arrive 15 minutes early so games can start on time.
  • Players should wear a reversible jersey each week with a light and dark side, if you don't have a reversible jersey one can be purchased for $20 on site.
  • Players will need full equipment - goggles, mouth guard, and stick. No extra gear or equipment will be provided by coaches.
  • League schedule and standings will be kept on the link above. Be sure to check your game time each week and the final Sunday will be championship Sunday and schedule will be determined by league standings.
  • This league is designed to be fun, and fast-paced! We know players will be competitive but ultimately we want all to have a good time and improve each Sunday.
  • Requests for team placement will not be accepted. Players register individually, and will be placed on a team. Teams will be set week 1, and balanced after the first week of league play if needed.

The 91 Express Lacrosse League is designed as a fast-paced, fun league setup utilizing a small field format. This provides for many touches on the ball in a short amount of time, defensive footwork training, and transitional play development. This style is also reflective of the "Olympic" style of lacrosse that is being created to push lacrosse into future Olympic games as a new summer event.