NC Girls About Us

Team 91 was started with one thing in mind: to provide an unparalleled level of teaching, that which is not seen in other travel organizations. When Team 91 came to Carolina in 2017,  it was to continue to expand on that philosophy that had proven so successful in places like Long Island and Maryland. Over the past two years, Team 91 Carolina Cannons has already established itself as the premier lacrosse option for Triangle boys' lacrosse players, with high school teams competing on a national level, players being placed into Division I, II and III programs, and youth teams at each grade level participating in AA brackets.

Expanding on the success of the Team 91 Carolina Cannons boys' programs, Team 91 is pleased to announce the addition of our girls' lacrosse program: Team 91 Carolina Flight. Just like on the boys side, Team 91 Carolina Flight programs will be designed for the area’s most committed high school and youth lacrosse players. The creation of Team 91 Carolina Flight will help bring together several of the areas most established recreational lacrosse programs, allowing for the most experienced and competitive players to train and compete together throughout the year.

Team 91 Carolina Flight will focus on finding excellent coaches to work with our most dedicated players, and seek out challenging competition at the best events that are offered on the East Coast. Success on the field is achieved by putting in the time at practice, with intense training sessions that focus on both individual skill, positional based training, and team building. Lacrosse is still a relatively new and growing sport in Carolina, it will continue to take hard work on the part of players, families, and coaches to continue to grow the sport and build up our teams. However, by following the Team 91 model that has yielded tremendous results in other areas of the country, that process of development can be greatly sped up, and allow for the spotlight to shine on the players in the area that are putting in the time and deserving of recognition.

By offering both boys and girls lacrosse, Team 91 Carolina can continue to build a tremendous lacrosse community, pool resources to help grow lacrosse and solidify practice field space, and be a home for families with kids playing both boys and girls lacrosse. We are excited about this addition and seeing the Team 91 Carolina Flight programs take the field this summer, and look forward to meeting and working with the great lacrosse families that love the game of lacrosse in our area!