Girls’ Recruiting Directors

The Team 91 Carolina Girls are supported by Craig Reist and Tom Street who share the responsibilities as co-directors of recruiting support. Craig and Tom have developed relationships with over 100 college programs (D1-D3) throughout the country primarily focused in the southeast and mid-atlantic regions.

During the summer prior to the sophomore year, Craig and Tom will lead a presentation outlining the recruiting process and begin to develop recruiting strategies for athletes interested in exploring playing lacrosse at the D1-D3 level.  Throughout the athlete's sophomore season, Craig and Tom will work to establish connections with programs that the athlete is interested in and seek to gain feedback and insight regarding the level of interest in the athlete.   They will attend practices, set up individual strategy meetings with the athlete and parents, and be on-site during tournaments to support athletes and connect with college coaches in attendance.

Both Craig and Tom have over ten years of supporting girl lacrosse players and have helped over 75 girls fulfill their dream of committing to play college lacrosse.  In addition to supporting girls and their families, Craig and Tom have also been through the recruiting process as parents both having daughters who have played at the college level.

Craig can be contacted at -, (919) 812-0580.

Tom can be contacted at -, (919) 520-8540.