Team 91 carolina individual recruiting videos

Check out the Team 91 Carolina individual recruiting videos for players in the Team 91 Carolina program. We will continue to update this page with updated video and new videos as players complete and submit. Need contact information for any Team 91 Carolina players? Contact!

Team 91 carolina 2022 girls

Kayleen Favreau - Team 91 Carolina 2022 - Midfield

"Kayleen has the ability to take over a game, fast, athletic, creative on offense, can take draws and get out in the transition game. Terrific wrist strength and snap on her shot, does a great job setting up the defense to get to the inside with her left hand."

team 91 carolina 2021 boys

Sam Ferrel - Team 91 Carolina 2021 - Midfield

"Good separation on his dodges but also plays physical and can drive through a defender's shoulder to get downhill as well. Strong Left but can go hard right as well. Good off the wings on face-off and tough between the boxes. Makes the extra pass when drawing off the dodge."


Jack Flynt - Team 91 Carolina 2021 - Attack

"Jack is a well rounded attackman who does all the little details well. Works off ball, finishes inside with good hands, but is a threat with the ball as well. High IQ playing with his head up and looking to make the right play."


Connor Kryszak - Team 91 Carolina 2021 - Attack

"At 6'3 Connor is a matchup challenge for defenses, using his size to push defenders around and does a good job coming up both the left and right pipe. Plays well on the inside and can be used in a 2 man game with the pick and slip due to his size."


Kolson Huff - Team 91 Carolina 2021 - Attack

"A long lefty, Kolson is a northern transplant to Carolina who plays with high IQ, and has the ability to control the left side of the field on offense. Great combination of field vision and finishing ability."


Christian Daniels - Team 91 Carolina 2021 - Defense

“Christian is a High IQ defensman with a terrific base. Uses his size to get leverage on the hip of his attackman and knows when to throw well timed checks. Off ball is aggressive with his slides and doubles, knowing when to show and when to go. Good off the deck in the transition game.”


Sam Dressel - Team 91 Carolina 2021 - Defense/LSM

"Sam is an extremely athletic player that has a great combination of size and strength. Fundamentally sound base, he does a good job directing his attackman around the crease, protecting the high side, and playing well off ball. A Baltimore Summer Kickoff All-star Sam had a great 2019 Summer campaign and will build on that this fall."

Zack Tucker - Team 91 Carolina 2021 - Goalie
"Zack does a great job commanding the field in the net and has a strong combination of size and speed in net. Outlet passes are sharp and rarely makes mistakes in the clearing game. Good drive step to the ball on outside shots, and takes away the angle on the inside."

Team 91 carolina 2022 boys

Josh Arneson - Team 91 Carolina 2022 - Defense

"Has a great base that allows him to get leverage on the hip especially around GLE and the ability to turn players as needed. Throws good lumber on the hands at the right time, and when the ball is down is strong off the deck and into transition. Already collecting a strong list of accolades for a 2022 including making the Under Armour underclass games for the south."


Wade Watson - Team 91 Carolina 2022 - Attack/Midfield

"Wade is a smart, gritty player that is tough on groundballs, rides hard, and willing to do the little things to help his team win games. Talented and versatile righty attackman who is a strong finisher that can also come out of the box to play midfield as well."


Nathan Nicholas - Team 91 Carolina 2022 - Midfield

"Strong, multi-sport athlete that gets down the alley well with both hands. Can play both ends of the field and has his head up between the boxes to create transition. Even takes face-offs as well, a throwback style midfield built for the shot clock era."


Caden Castle - Team 91 Carolina 2022 - Attack

"Slick lefty around the cage, Connor finishes well on the inside and has the ability to free his hands from the left side as well. Good vision looking for that extra pass when drawing the slide. High IQ player."


Coleman Kraske - Team 91 Carolina 2022 - MID/FO

"Ethan is a bull at the X, big and physical but sound technique. Stick is strong enough that you have to respect him with the ball in transition and out of the draw. Multiple exit moves, and plays good defense if needed. Has shown well at FOA events and works hard at the craft."

Nick Calleri - Team 91 Carolina 2022 - Attack

"Nick is a talented lefty attackman who can fill up the back of the net quickly. Works well off ball to find space and finish on the inside, but carries the ball well and can feed or finish around the pipes. Had a big freshman year for his high school program and already making a big impact early in his high school career."


Owen Gucwa - Team 91 Carolina 2022 - Goalie

"Owen is a northern kid who moved to Carolina and has had a stick in his hand his whole life. Very fundamentally sound, he is excellent inside and will steal a few from the offense each game with his ability to make athletic and quick reflex saves."

team 91 carolina 2023 boys

Bryce Ledwith - Team 91 Carolina 2023 - Goalie

"Bryce is one of the best young goalies in the Southeast, fundamentally sound and dedicated to the craft he is quick on the inside and drives well to the ball on the outside shots. With the ball he shows his athletic ability and IQ with precise outlet passes and creating offense off the save."