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Team 91 Carolina Box Lacrosse Travel Teams

Team 91 Carolina Lacrosse runs competitive box lacrosse travel teams. Tryouts are held in October and teams participate in training and events in the winter months, typically December, January, and early February. Registration for Team 91 Carolina box teams will open in September.

Team 91 Carolina 2019-2020 Season

Congrats to the Team 91 Carolina squads for a great 2019-2020 box lacrosse season!

Team 91 Carolina box teams took on some of the best box lacrosse competition in the country, with wins over northern box squads and bringing home championships in the Midget and Bantam divisions at the Southern Box Invitational!


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Team 91 Carolina 


Boys Box Lacrosse Program


Team 91 Carolina launched their boys box lacrosse travel program in the fall of 2018. The program fielded teams in the 3/4th, 5/6th, 7/8th, and high school age divisions competing in events in Richmond, Maryland, and Raleigh. The program was well received and each team made runs to championship games through the course of the winter season.


Going forward Team 91 Carolina will again be fielding box lacrosse travel teams training and participating in events during the winter months. Box lacrosse has become a feature of player development on both sides of the ball, and field programs are implementing box lacrosse strategies at the high school and collegiate level. Box lacrosse provides a great way to improve stick skills, footwork, and toughness, along with a fun alternative to the field game. Team 91 Carolina will also become a member of the ECBL(East Coast Box League). This will provide players with access to quality events and a great box lacrosse network of likeminded programs working to standardize rules and game-play format.


Tryouts for the Team 91 Carolina box lacrosse teams will be posted soon along with our 2019-2020 event schedule. For questions or information on our box lacrosse program please email