Team 91 Carolina

Boys & Girls 2020-2021 Season

Tryout Information & Frequently Asked Questions


Team 91 Carolina tryouts are run in an organized and professional manner to allow each player the opportunity to show their best. We evaluate players on skill, lacrosse IQ, coachability, and athletic ability. Team 91 Carolina tryouts will have several qualified coaches and evaluators present to evaluate players and run a variety of tryout drills that will allow players to demonstrate their skills listed above.


Who is eligible to tryout for the Team 91 Carolina travel team program?

Team 91 Carolina is open to boys and girls from any school, club, or region. Team 91 Carolina is a year-round program designed for Carolina’s most dedicated lacrosse players. Tryouts and teams are organized by graduation year, and open to players in graduation years 2031(2nd grade as of Fall 2020) through 2021(12th grade as of Fall 2020). 2021 Players will be a half year commitment for Fall only. Teams are organized by graduation year which matches up with the majority of events that we attend.


Do players that made Team 91 Carolina in the past automatically have a spot each year?

Each year we reset rosters and require all players to go through the evaluation process. This helps ensure that players are pushing themselves each year to remain competitive with the sport and we welcome new players to the tryout each year. Making Team 91 Carolina in the past doesn’t guarantee a spot for the future, and we have had players not make the squad return and make teams as well.


How much experience is required to play for Team 91 Carolina? 

The amount of player experience in the program varies by age group. Younger players in the program on the elementary school age group teams might have one or two years of experience, while players in our high school age groups will have played for several seasons. However in our evaluation process we are always looking for tremendous athletes that are coachable. We’ve had players make our teams with minimal experience but high level athletes that are willing to work extremely hard. The Team 91 Carolina program aims to push our areas most competitive players, while at the same time we focus on training as well which allows players with less experience the chance to catch up quickly. We encourage all players to attend the tryouts regardless of experience level, even if players are not selected we are happy to provide feedback on what they can work on to improve so they can return and make our teams in the future.


If I tryout in August do I have to tryout again in the Spring? If I don’t attend tryouts in August will there be future opportunities to tryout for Team 91 Carolina?

Team 91 Carolina teams operate on a full year setup. Players that are selected to be a part of the team in August secure their spot for the entire 2020-2021 fall, winter, spring and summer season. This year round setup allows us to train throughout the year, secure our spots in tournaments far in advance, and build team chemistry throughout the year. Occasionally supplemental tryouts are held in December or January for any open spots on teams, however if teams are full there might not be spots available and supplemental tryouts won’t be run.


Can student-athletes that play multiple sports be a part of Team 91 Carolina?

We have many mutli-sport athletes that are part of the program and believe lacrosse players should participate in multiple sports. We setup our schedules to try and work with multi-sport athletes as much as possible but understand at times players might miss due to other sport or school obligations. In the event that a player will miss a practice or event we ask that they communicate with their coaches so they can plan accordingly.


How are Team 91 Carolina teams assembled?

Team 91 Carolina uses a grade-based format for assembling teams. Player’s year of graduation is used to group players. In the event a player is uncertain of their graduation year or has had their graduation year adjusted for educational purposes contact the program directors at for correct graduation year. At times teams might be created by combining two graduation years at the discretion of the program directors and coaches.


Does Team 91 Carolina run more than one team per age group?

During the tryout process we will evaluate and create teams that we feel offer competitive value for the players involved with the program. If multiple teams can be created at an age group and we feel be competitive and beneficial, while providing great coaches and attending quality events we will do so. Because Team 91 focuses on player development, those involved with our programs become better players throughout the year and their time with our program. If we have the opportunity to coach and work with highly skilled and dedicated players we will make every effort to do so.


Are players allowed to play up or down in age groups?

Any roster adjustments outside of a player’s graduation year will be up to the program’s directors and coaches based on what is best for the program and individual player. Ideally all players competing in their graduation class is the standard within the club lacrosse scene, however there are circumstances that are taken into consideration at times. Players are not permitted to play down in age groups as most tournaments will not permit that, however at times some events utilize both age and grade setup that could create a best fit scenario on a case by case basis. We take our team compositions very seriously and ensure our teams comply with expectations of the quality events we attend as well as the current landscape of the club lacrosse scene.

Any additional questions please contact and we’ll be happy to answer any questions!