Team 91 Carolina ’22 Ice – A Historic Run for a Carolina Club Team!

Team 91 Carolina ’22 ICE Caps Off a Tremendous Run Through the Club Circuit!


Team 91 Carolina ’22 ICE boys finished up a great four year run this summer at the NLF Championships at UMASS.  With the core of the team together building chemistry starting in their middle school years, along with picking up some key roster additions along the way, the ICE team put themselves in the top tier of club teams to ever represent the South. Not only is the skill of this group evident on the field, but also a noticeably unselfish style of play achieved by competing together through many club seasons and against the best teams in the country. This philosophy is something that Team 91 Carolina director Nick Holota wants to see permeate throughout the program. According to Holota, “What I love about this ’22 team is that they had no fear of any opponent. They were always willing to take on anyone, never backed down from a challenge, and understood you can’t elevate your game unless you are going up against the best.” The unique opportunity provided by being a part of 91 Carolina to get the chances to be in the best events, against the top clubs is huge for players in a non-hotbed area working to elevate their game.  


Coached by Jon Nicholas and Chad Watson the ICE squad excelled in some of the most competitive tournaments over the years.   “We decided three years ago with the talent we had we were going to take the boys to the most competitive events and test ourselves against the best.  Some of our best performances took place at premiere tournaments like Crab Feast, BIG 4 Champions League and of course the best event, NLF Championship.”  Coach Watson said.  “This is the third class I have come up with in the (91/Cannons) program and this was by far the best group as a team and individuals I have coached. The parents and families couldn’t have been more supportive, they were a huge part in the team’s success.”  The ICE squad was one of the best ’22 squads in the Southeast and gained national recognition over the past two years, with victories over some of the best clubs in the country and highlighted by a run at this year’s CrabFeast making it into the elite championship bracket play. Along with that success the team currently has eight players committed to play lacrosse at the next level, with more yet to come as players spend the fall making their school decisions. 


’22 ICE Defense

“The defense was the core of our team.  We knew if we could put up at least 8-10 goals a game we would win because our defense was so strong.”

-Coach Watson


Josh Arneson – Committed:  Marist – “Josh has been our overall best defenseman over the past 4 years.  He drew the opposing team’s best attackman every game.  He is relentless.  Very strong, great footwork, leverage and a total pain in the ass to play against.  Excellent ball handle in transition and helped flip the field.”


Dillon Betha – Uncommitted: “Multi-Sport Athlete, All- State linebacker.  Tremendous physical athlete with great speed and a mean streak on the field.  He is constantly on your hands and once the ball is in his stick he is gone the other way.  Can’t wait to see where Dillon lands, whatever he chooses to do it will be big.  Excellent student extremely coachable.”


Carter Grubbs – Uncommitted: “Big defenseman with tremendous feet.  He is our best take away defenseman and he had the green light every game.  Gets the ball off the ground quickly.  Very smart on and off the field, tremendous communicator.”


Seth Fowler- Committed: Newberry – “Another big, imposing 2 sport athlete.  Outstanding football player.  Seth’s timing on the slide was tremendous.  Once he got the ball in his stick he is so big and strong he could move it up field quickly.”


’22 ICE Goalies

“We had two of the best goalies in the state and they couldn’t be more different.  They gave us a great 1-2 punch and were the QB’s of the defense.”

-Coach Watson


Drew Wheeler – Committed – Barton: “Drew is a big specimen between the pipes with tremendous movement.  A very vocal goalie with incredible, quick outlets.  Drew will make a big impact at the next level.”


Ryan Pretzer- Committed – Swarthmore: “Ryan is one of the quickest goalies I have coached.  Incredible athlete in the pipes and outside the crease.  His outlets set up many fastbreaks for our offense.  Another incredible student-athlete who will make an impact at the next level.”

’22 ICE Midfield

“We really did not ever have enough numbers at midfield to have designated SSDM so all our middies were asked to play both ways.  As with most teams our middies were our best athletes and excelled on both sides of the ball.”

-Coach Watson

Luke Popow – Uncommitted: “Luke is a unique player.  He was our second option at the face-off X but is so good offensively he is not your typical FOGO.  Luke may have one of the best sticks on the squad, down-hill dodger either righty of lefty and get his hands free with a great shot on the run.”


Landon Parker – Uncommitted: “Landon is your typical two-way middie, tremendous box player.  Excellent on GB’s and very tough to defend.    He is a slashing dodger and dodges with his head up.  We would ISO Landon on may occasions resulting in a game winning goal or assist.”


Nathan Nicholas – Committed: High Point-  Nathan is a big, physical, athletic middie.  He has had a target on this back since ninth grade as our biggest scoring threat from up top.  He would draw the long-pole and many teams tried to simply shut him off.  Down-hill dodger with an absolute cannon righty or lefty.  Shoots over 100mph.  Fierce competitor, one of the top middies in 2022 class.”


Breydan Harrison- Committed: Jacksonville- “When Breyden and Nathan were on the field together it was a nightmare for the defense.  Pick your poison.  Another incredible two-sport athlete as a football player.  Fastest player on the team, one of the leaders on points on offense and probably one of the leaders on the team in take-aways as a short stick.  Punt return on the clear, incredible shot lefty or righty, another one of the top middies in 22 class.”


Zach Kohn – Uncommitted: “Team leader.  Zach plays much bigger than his size.  He is a vacuum on ground balls anywhere on the field and one of the smartest players on the team. Rarely makes mistakes.  Zach was a key part of our man-down defense and incredible coming in off the wings.  Equally impressive stick skills from both the left and right side.”


Aydan Sizemore – Uncommitted:  “Aydan may be the most improved player over the last three years.  He is extremely coachable and is a tough as they come.  Tremendous stick skills as a middie and great footwork.  He is very tough to beat on the defensive side of the ball with is quickness.  Good vision, great passer.”


Jake Dunn – Uncommitted: “Jake is very athletic and is probably the closest player we had to a true SSDM.  He has incredible speed and a tough match up vs the other teams’ offense.  Once he has the ball in his stick he is going the other way…very quickly.”


Briggs Ballard – Uncommitted: “Briggs came with us this summer from the IMG Academy.  A natural attackman who was asked to play middie and he responded well.  Very high lacrosse IQ.  Tremendous stick skills and field presence, extremely coachable, great teammate.”


’22 ICE Face-Off Midfielder


Coleman Kraske – Committed – Ohio State: “If there was a picture of a FOGO in the dictionary it would be Coleman.  Absolute BEAST.  If there is better FOGO in the ’22 class I guess we didn’t play them because I haven’t seen one in the last three years.  Works hard at his craft and it shows.  Two-sport athlete, can win it forward and finish the break.  Will make an impact in the BIG Ten in the years to come.  Great teammate.” 


’22 ICE Long Stick MidField

“Our ropes were a key part of our success helped get the ball to the offense from the wing and caused havoc on the defensive end.”

-Coach Watson


Zach Mansfield – Uncommitted: “Zach has been a great addition to the team over the past two years.  Absolutely relentless all over the field making life miserable for opposing players.  Key to our wing play, GB vacuum and can transition the ball quickly up field.  Great stick skills.”


Quinn Seif – Committed – Hampden-Sydney: “Long and athletic.  Quinn was a pain to play against, constantly on your hands and quick with a lift as the opponent tries to move the ball, great athlete, student and tremendous footwork.  Quinn was a great teammate, dedicated would drive 3 hours to practice.”


’22 ICE Attack

“We have had this unit together for three plus years.  All four are incredible athletes and great teammates.  Most unselfish unit of attackman I have ever coached.  The chemistry they have is incredible.”

-Coach Watson


Nicky Calleri – Uncommitted: “Nicky is a shifty lefty attackman who dodges with his head up.  Has tremendous vision and can hit cutters on the run.  Great finisher inside with soft hands as well as pick corners with time and room.  Works hard on the ride to keep the ball on our side, and gets the ball out his stick quickly.”


Caden Castle – Uncommitted: “Two-sport athlete, starting QB on his HS football team and it shows.  Extremely coachable.  Can dodge lefty or righty and finish on both sides as well.  Great vison, can thread the needle if need be or step back and let it rip.  Great athlete tough on the ride”

Wade Watson – Uncommitted:  “Can be a threat from the midfield or the right hand side on attack.  Probably our best off -ball player, big and long, finds seams and finishes with soft hands on the inside but can step outside and finish with a righty cannon.  Relentless on the ride and GB’s”


Jarrett Huff – Uncommitted: “Strong, tough left handed Canadian type of player.  Incredible vison on the feeds and top notch finisher inside.  Hard heavy LH shot from the wing.  Jarrett is great on GB’s often winning procession back on the ride.  Moves the ball quickly and makes his teammates better.  Very smart and coachable.”