Team 91 Individual Player Development

Team 91 Carolina is working to compile resources for players to use for individual training. Please see below and we'll continue to build on this list of resources, drills, videos, and training plans in the coming weeks.

Coach Brendan Rabideau and Coach Shane Rabideau from our Team 91 Carolina 2028/29 boys team also run Peak City Fitness in Apex. They have put together an at home workout for Team 91 Carolina players! Any questions about the workout please email and we can help answer or direct to Coach Brendan and Coach Shane!

CLICK HERE FOR SPREADSHEET WORKOUT - You can download the spreadsheet or print it off.

STX Women's Lacrosse Instructional Video Series:


Many great drills and instructional technique that can be studied and applied at home!

PLL Instructional Academy -


Great series of videos being released by pro PLL Players!


First Class Lacrosse -

Has released a series of their training videos for free below. These are great for both boys and girls lacrosse!

If you have any questions about any of the drills or need any advice on anything about individual improvement, please feel free to email them at!

Wall Ball
  1. Catch & Cradle:
    (Catch, Cradle, Move it!)
  2. Catch & Cradle Underhand:
    (Work on a true underhand release!)
  3. Quicksticks Closed Position:
    (No cradle, keep you bottom hand down)
  4. Quicksticks Open Position:
    (No cradle)
  5. Quicksticks Crossbody:
  6. Quicksticks Shuffle:
    (Depending on the space you have!)
  7. Twisters:
    (Work on your top hand deception!)
Shooting Drills
  1. Step Up Drill:
    (Work on your weight transfer)
  2. Step Up and Back Drill:
    (Weight Transfer plus explosion!)
  3. Step up and Back Drill with Catch:
    (Work on receiving it loaded!)
  4. Pitcher Drill:
    (Work on your balance + weight transfer)
  5. Pitcher Drill with Catch:
    (Work on catching it loaded!)
  6. Split, Load, Rollback Drill (1st Progression):
    (Work on your rollback footwork!)
  7. Split, Load, Rollback Drill (2nd Progression):
    (Add the hand exchange!)
Footwork Drills
  1. 2 Step Jab Drill:
    (Simple footwork drill for your split dodging)
  2. Stick and Split Drill:
    (Work on a hard stick into 2 step footwork)
  3. Left Right Drill:
    (Work on your dodging footwork)
  4. Skip Split Drill:
    (Work on footwork for your skip split)
  5. Attack the Cone:
    (Work on sudden change of speed and stop start)
  6. Skip Split from X:
    (Work on your same foot hesitation)

Run/Conditioning - By Coach Nicholas

Crazy 8s

(time how long it takes each set that is your rest between sets)

End line to end line

8 reps Total -

down is 1, back is 2 etc

4 reps of 4 (down back down back = 1 rep)

6 reps of 2 (down back = 1 rep)

16 singles ( down, timed rest, back etc)

Will give you 2 mile + run - Do once per week. If unable to be on a field with markings, the run length should be about 100 steps.


Magic 7 shuttle

Start on end line with ball in stick roll out GB scoop turn at GLE back to end line while rolling out GB. Hit the end line you started turn and drop a GB pass GLE drop a GB hit restraining line turn back drop GB going back to end line you started at drop a GB again between GLE and end line you started at. Repeat this all the way to opposite end line. Basically every time your between two lines roll out a GB. Both hands for every GB!

Coach Nicholas Wall Ball

Perform all or parts of this workout 15-20 minutes 3 times a week. 

All drills done right & left

Stand 5-8 yards away

Take pride in yourself as an athlete and your stickwork

1 .right hand catch/one cradle 50 times repeat with left hand

2 right hand face dodge 50 times repeat with left hand

3 .right hand catch / split dodge throw left catch left / split right 50 times

4 right hand quick stick 50 times then left hand

5 one handed quick sticks 50 times then left hand

6 two handed quick stick change hands when ball is in air 50 times

7 cross handed quick stick right & left 50 times

8 baseball grip ( hands together on butt end) right & left 50 times

9 long throws 15-20 yards away right & left 50 times strong follow through!

10 behind the back 50 times right & left

*All drills should be done with tempo. Don’t be lazy!