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07/19/2017 9:06 AM -


Name: Zach Rutledge

School District: Apex HS

Team: Team 91 Carolina Cannons 2021

Position: LSM

Who is your hero and why?:  Tim Tebow is my hero due to the he plays and the sportsmanship and the confidence he shows. He is such a good leader and has many organizations that he has and helps.

What is your earliest memory of playing lacrosse?: 5th grade

How did you discover lacrosse? A club at my elementary school.

What is the funniest thing that happened to you while playing lacrosse? The funniest thing that has happened to me while playing lacrosse was on Long Island this fall and was a fun mud pit in 30+ mph winds.

What is your most treasured possession? Why? My family

What is you favorite state to play lacrosse? NY - Long Island

What is your favorite season to play lacrosse? Why? I love to play in the fall/winter and I love to play in the cold. It gets me up due to how cold it is.

What is you favorite sport to watch on TV? Lacrosse & basketball

What is your favorite movie? Paul Blart Mall Cop

What is you favorite part about playing lacrosse? Why? The team aspect and when they are close games and it gets aggresive and intense.

Who is you favorite team to play against? Express

What is your favorite emoji? Fire

Who is your favorite lacrosse team to watch? Why? UNC because the fast pace and energy they bring when they play.

Does a straw have one hole or two? One

What is your favorite trick shot? Around the world

What do you want to be when you grow up? Lacrosse coach or sports announcer

In your opinion, who is the best lacrosse player you know? Why? Greg the Beast, because the grind he puts in and his personality.

What is your favorite lacrosse tournament to go to? Why? NLF events dur to the great competition.

What is your favorite holiday? Why? Christmas, as the whole family gets to spend time together and talk and take a break from life.

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