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07/19/2017 9:06 AM -




Name: Clay Adams

School District: Wake

Team: Team 91 Carolina 2020

Position: Midfield




What is your earliest memory of playing lacrosse?: When I was 4 years old

What is the funniest thing that happened to you while playing lacrosse? I rolled over someone on a Faceoff

What is you favorite state to play lacrosse? North Carolina

What is your favorite season to play lacrosse? Why? Winter. I like playing wearing a sweatshirt

What is you favorite sport to watch on TV? Hockey

What is your favorite movie? A bridge to far

What is you favorite part about playing lacrosse? Why? Its not stop and go like football

Who is you favorite team to play against? All

What is your favorite emoji? The shh

Who is your favorite lacrosse team to watch? Why? Charlotte hounds because they're stacked.

Does a straw have one hole or two? One

What is your favorite trick shot? One Handed

What do you want to be when you grow up? An Air Force para rescue or athletic trainer

In your opinion, who is the best lacrosse player you know? Why? I've met so many talented players I can choose one

What is your favorite lacrosse tournament to go to? Why? All of them

What is your favorite holiday? Why? 4th of July #Merica

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